Supa Name: Earthquake
Supa Group: The Big Five
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 48
Real Name: Edward Johnson
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Loxodonta africana africana, The one who never forgets, Tlou (Sotho), Tembo (Swahili), Ndlopfu (Tsonga/Shangaan), Tlou (Tswana), Indlovu (Xhosa), Indlovu (Zulu), Olifant (Afrikaans)
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: English professor
Education: Masters in English Literature from Oxford
Pre-Accident Personality: Stupid, dull, illiterate, bad-natured, dishonest, devious, aggressive, opportunistic, prejudiced
Post-Accident Personality: Intelligent, wise, an idealist, literate, good-natured, virtuous, friend to man, pacifist, fair
Natural Appearance Big-boned, attractive, middle-aged African American man
Supa Appearance: African Savanna Elephant
Supa Powers: Photographic, long-term memory; wisdom beyond his years; genius-level intelligence; infraverbal speech; infrasound communication with other elephants over a 6 mile distance which is undetectable to the human ear; general sound detection through ultra-sensitive, innervated hearing receptors in his feet; powerful ivory tusks which can pierce steel, move trees and dig for food and water; super hearing able to detect sounds inaudible to the human ear; a long, versatile, innervated trunk which can serve many purposes such as hearing through vibration detection on the ground, smelling food, friends and foes, picking up and crushing enemies, ripping branches off trees, shooting out water, dirt and mud, snorkeling while swimming, and trumpeting at a pitch equivalent to a sonic boom, which deafens enemies for 20-30 seconds; a fast gait which can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour; enormous bulk which can be used to trample enemies to death.
Supa Equipment: None needed
Supa Goals: To lead the Big Five with courage, knowledge, wisdom and morality; to stamp out animal cruelty and the illegal trade in wildlife, including the ivory trade; to increase animal rights;

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