Supa Name: Shockwave
Supa Group: The Big Five
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 36
Real Name: Lance Brickston
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Panthera pardus, Treacherous Tiger, The Prince of Darkness, Whispering Death, Terror of the Trees, Arboreal Assassin, Nkwe (Sotho), Chui (Swahili), Tingwe (Tsonga/Shangaan), Nkwe (Tswana), Ingwe (Xhosa), Ingwe (Zulu), Luperd (Afrikaans)
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Yalla, Sri Lanka
Occupation: Con artist, swindler, grifter.
Education: Tenth grade
Pre-Accident Personality: Honest to a fault, charitable, prudent, an open book, lazy, gullible, nave, aggressive, bold
Post-Accident Personality: Sly, opportunistic, cowardly, sleazy, two-faced, manipulative, adaptable, treacherous, agile, stealthy, swimmer, street smart
Natural Appearance 511, athletic build, dark skin, handsome
Supa Appearance: Leopard
Supa Powers: Powerful jaw muscles which can inflict a bite which can pierce the flesh and crush the throats of its prey; astonishing street smarts; the ability to run at 40 miles per hour; unparalleled stealth; rosettes (spots) on its fur which change color and fuse to camouflage it with its background (shockwave can turn into a ); an unrivalled ability to climb trees and leap from branch to branch; the ability to carry a carcass which weighs greater than its own body up a tree; ability to climb down buildings head first; night vision; an opportunistic hunting style which enables it to eat any insect, fish, reptile, bird or animal; and supreme adaptability and versatility which enable him to survive in any habitat.
Supa Equipment: Dual swords
Supa Goals: Overt: To survive by his wits any way he can; to stamp out animal cruelty and the illegal trade in wildlife; to increase animal rights;
Covert: to marry Belinda

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