Supa Name: Nightstalker
Supa Group: The Big Five
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 27
Real Name: Laurence Griggs
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Panthera Leo, The King of Beasts, the King of the Jungle, Leo, Tau (Sotho), Ngala (Tsonga/Shangaan), Tau (Tswana), Simba (Swahili), Isigidi (Xhosa), Ingonyama (Zulu), Leeu (Afrikaans)
Citizenship: Australian
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Food preparation assistant at a famous burger chain
Education: Completed high school
Pre-Accident Personality: Weak, insecure, diffident, introverted, cowardly, modest, humble, cheap
Post-Accident Personality: Proud, arrogant, dominant, brave, aggressive, ostentatious, vain, noble, royal, regal, extroverted
Natural Appearance 5, 11”, lanky, scrawny, Caucasian
Supa Appearance: Lion
Supa Powers: Incredible stealth including camouflage and stalking prey undetected; penetrating night vision which illuminates prey at a distance of 20 meters in the dark; short powerful bursts of speed during a chase; a gigantic final leap which can reach three meters horizontally and two meters vertically; sharp claws which cut into and grip the skin of prey and cause agonizing pain; and the coup d’egras, a powerful death bite capable of crushing a victim’s windpipe instantly, causing death by strangulation, which in turn induces cerebral ischemia or asphyxia; an earth-shattering roar which can break windows and temporarily deafen adversaries
Supa Equipment: Spear
Supa Goals: Overt: To stamp out animal cruelty and the illegal trade in wildlife; to increase animal rights.
Covert: to lead the Big Five.

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