Supa Name: Gray Ghoul
Supa Group: Color Wars
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 58
Real Name: Benjamin Nettlebeck
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Ghoulish Gravedigger, Necro Nettlebeck, The Mad Mortician, Cemetery Sam, The Undead One, Benny Bones, Mr. Skin and Bones                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: La Crosse County, Wisconsin
Occupation: Gravedigger
Education: Fifth Grade
Natural Appearance 5'11', almost bald, strong as an ox, bespectacled          
Supa Appearance: Naked except for a brown rag around his waist, white eyes, sharp nails, toned muscles, visible bones. Can turn into a wolf.                       
Supa Powers: The ability to turn into anything grey and harness its powers. The ability to change peoples’ moods to reflect feelings associated with the color grey, such as ambiguity, confusion, uncertainty, evil, boredom, conformity, reflection, shadows, secrecy, and doubt. Can breathe ash from his mouth, the ability to live forever, inhuman pain tolerance, the ability to accelerate the aging process, the ability to shapeshift into people he has just eaten.
Supa Catchcry: “You’re graying, old man”, “Time is catching up with you,” “I’ve got a plot with your name on it.”
Supa Equipment: Spade of Death, used to decapitate enemies and dig their graves
Supa Goals: To change the world in color into a world of gray.

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