Supa Name: Green Gargoyle
Supa Group: Color Wars
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 2541
Real Name: Jacaranda Montevellio
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Little Dragon, Green-eyed Monster, Winged Warrior, Green Protector, Angle of the Night, Evil Gardener,                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy, but stowed away on a ship to Saint Augustine, Florida in 1565
Occupation: Groundskeeper
Education: Schooled in the ways of the ancient world by the Catholic Church
Natural Appearance 5'1", hunched, wrinkly, withered, grotesque old man with piercing green eyes. Always seen in a monk’s cowl and dilapidated, old brown sandals.          
Supa Appearance: A grotesque faded-jade colored little creature, half- human, half animal; muscular arms and legs with large claws; piercing green eyes; large, bat-like wings and a long tail; an extra sharp-clawed green thumb; sharp teeth, large ears, and two devil-like horns on his head.                       
Supa Powers: The ability to turn into anything green and harness its powers. The ability to change peoples’ moods to reflect feelings associated with the color green, such as hope, optimism and envy. The ability to turn enemies into stone; the ability to spout torrents of water from his mouth which can instill hope and optimism into people in small doses and drown them in large volumes; a scratch from his green thumb triggers episodes of envy and hatred; the ability to protect those he cares about and sense and ward off evil spirits.
Supa Catchcry: “You look green about the gills”; “Come under my wing, greenhorn!”; “Wanna see the green-eyed monster?”
Supa Equipment: None needed
Supa Goals: To change the world in color into a world of green.

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