Supa Name: Pink Princess
Supa Group: Color Wars
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 18
Real Name: Stephanie Mills
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Rose Girl, Pinky, Prinny, Love Lancer, Spring Sister, Cutiepie                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Pasadena, California
Occupation: Beauty therapist
Education: High school, certificate in Beauty Therapy from Los Angeles Community College
Natural Appearance 5'8", blonde hair, blue eyes, angelic face, curvy, svelte figure          
Supa Appearance: Pink Power Suit encloaked by a Pink Princess Gown                       
Supa Powers: The ability to turn into anything pink and harness its powers. The ability to change peoples’ moods to reflect feelings associated with the color pink, such as happiness, sexiness, compassion, nurturance, love, confidence, peacefulness, effervescence, calmness, friendliness, affection, intimacy, hope, warmth, romance, and lightheartedness, as well as reducing agression, abandonment, neglect, tension and anger. Can create and conjure cotton candy from her fingertips, which traps enemies in a spider-like web. The Pink Princess’s cheeks change color to reflect the type of mood she is feeling: Blush, when in a normal, calm state; Rose Pink, when in a loving, mature, friendly state; Salmon Pink (an orangey pink), when in a flirty, playful mood; Orchid (lavender-pink), when she is being rebellious, unconventional and independent; Fuchsia (a mix of blue and deep pink), when she is feeling responsible, confident and in control; and Hot Pink, when she is angry and aggressive, which stimulates her confidence, motivates her to act and increases her energy levels.
Supa Catchcry: “Time to get your pink slip you good-for-nuthin’ bum” (said before she blasts enemies with her Pink Power Ring or chops them with her Pinking Shears). Also says, “That’s wonderful. I’m tinkled pink,” “Everything’s rosy,” and “Sugar and spice and everything nice.”
Supa Equipment: Wields large Pinking Shears which slice and dice enemies. On her pinkie finger, she wears a Pink Power Ring which, when opened, fires a heat-seeking pink laser which can blast and stun enemies. Rides a flying pink elephant named Ponky.
Supa Goals: To change the world in color into a world of pink.

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