Supa Name: Violet Vanquisher
Supa Group: Color Wars
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 27
Real Name: Vicky Crawford
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Violet Vixen, Vavoom, Vicky Violent, Violent Vanquisher, The Poisoned Vase, Unshrinking Violet                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Floral City, Florida
Occupation: Florist
Education: Ninth grade
Natural Appearance 5'8", brown hair, Caucasian, brown eyes, extremely beautiful          
Supa Appearance: Violet cape, violet mask, vice on left arm, can turn into gaseous form                       
Supa Powers: The ability to turn into anything violet and harness its powers. The ability to change peoples’ moods to reflect feelings associated with the color violet, such as extravagance, individualism, ambiguity, unconventionality, artificial, royalty and luxury. Can split herself up into a 10,000-strong army of smaller versions of herself. Can release three types of Violet Gas: Plain Violet Gas, which is a gas released to pacify and soothe angry enemies; Vanilla Violet Gas, which sedates enemies and puts them to sleep; and Violent Violet Gas, which is a noxious gas which disrupts the equilibrium and cognition of enemies, rendering them confused and paralyzed.
Supa Catchcry: “I’m no shrinking violet- feel the power;” “I’m royalty- bow to me;” “I’m the Queen Bee- my sting is violent.””
Supa Equipment: Gold and Violet Power Scepter, Violet Vice which can hold and crush enemies for long periods of time
Supa Goals: To change the world in color into a world of violet.

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