Supa Name: Hydro
Supa Group: The Energy Men
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: -
Real Name: Rodrigo Sanchez
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Waterboy, Tsunami, Whirlpool, Drown, The Anchor- maker, Overboard                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Miami Beach, Florida
Occupation: Pool maintenance man
Education: Tenth grade
Pre-Accident Personality: -
Post-Accident Personality: Good-natured, fun-loving, kind, considerate, persistent          
Natural Appearance A 6’2”, bronzed, buff, Latino hunk          
Supa Appearance: Amorphous                       
Supa Powers: Water (which can drown, flood, move and engulf)            
Supa Equipment: None needed             
Supa Goals: To conquer the world by making it dependent on water.

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