Supa Name: Scorch
Supa Group: The Energy Men
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: -
Real Name: Lisa Brockwell
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Solar, the Big Star, the Superstar, Big Red, Double H, G2V, Yellow Dwarf, Red Giant
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Malibu, California
Occupation: Professional Surfer
Education: Eighth grade dropout, but has super street smarts
Pre-Accident Personality: -
Post-Accident Personality: Fiery, intelligent, prone to anger, warm, determined
Natural Appearance 5’9”, long blonde hair running half way down her back, blue eyes, tanned skin, curvy, incredibly athletic who could easily model
Supa Appearance: A hot bright light, in human form, so powerful that no one can look directly at her.
Supa Powers: Sunlight (which can brighten, burn, blind, age and cause cancer)
Supa Equipment: Sun surfboard, which, while she is atop it, enables her to travel at the speed of light
Supa Goals: To conquer the world by making it dependent on solar power.

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