Supa Name: Marino
Supa Group: Joint Superchiefs
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 30
Real Name: Jake Rawlings
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Slick Willy, The Frogman, Froggo, Amphibo, The Amphibious Assassin, Devil Dog, Jarhead, Leatherneck, Tidal Wave, Tsunami, The Methodical Mercenary                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Venice Beach, California
Occupation: Super Marine
Education: Attended Laguna Beach high school; completed "boot camp" (recruitment training) at Marine Corps Recruitment Deport, San Diego; blitzed other officers at The Basic School, at Marine Corps Base, Quantico; Commissioned Officer; as Marino, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
Personality Introverted, strong, silent, narrow-minded, mission-focused, immensely patriotic, conscientious, street smart.
Natural Appearance 5'1'', Caucasian, brown eyes, brown hair, muscular build.          
Supa Appearance: 7'1", green skin, gills, fins, feet turn into flippers enabling rapid swimming, tail, dorsal fin, transforms into an AAV-7A1 amphibious assault vehicle.
Supa Powers: Excellent hand-to-hand combat skills; unrivalled stealth; expert in sea- based amphibious operations and amphibious assault landings; expert marksman, especially in ship-to-ship, land-air, sea-air, and sea-land shoot-outs; master of reconnaissance; specialist in the art of infantry and combined arms warfare; asymmetric warfare expert while leading or combating conventional, irregular and hybrid forces; amphibious, expeditionary and air-ground combined arms warfare forces; exponent of combined arms warfare principles; high-level offensive and defensive capabilities; specializes in the seizure of foreign naval bases and military installations; expert at manning anti-aircraft batteries; expert infantry combat abilities; drown-proof; high knowledge of maneuver-warfare principles which underline low-level initiative, improvisation and flexible execution. Transforms into: an AAV-7A1 amphibious assault vehicle.
Supa Equipment: M16A4 service rifle; M2.50 caliber machine gun; side arm: M9A1 pistol; night vision goggles; infra-red goggles; high-tech diving equipment
Supa Goals: To serve the Joint Superchiefs as ordered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff; To preserve the national security of the United States in conjunction with other Joint Superchief members, Navo, Armo and Airfo; To fight the global war on terror; To operate as a lone Marine Expeditionary Unit to be the first responder to international incidents and to act as a stopgap holding power until Armo, Navo and Airfo arrive; To support Armo with sea power projection from the sea; To exercise independent judgment to execute missions which operationalize the Commander-in-Chief's intent in the event that orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff are unavailable; To protect American lives and interests overseas; and To evacuate Americans from hostile and unstable countries.

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