Supa Name: Navo
Supa Group: Joint Superchiefs
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 58
Real Name: Admiral Thomas J. Hardman III
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Aquaman, Gills, The Human Fish, Jaws, The Great White Shark, Great White, Torpedo, the Water Warrior, Aqua Assassin, The Phantom Piranha, Silver Shark, Destroyer of the Deep, Deep- water Devil                    
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Boisie, Idaho
Occupation: Super Sailor
Education: Boisie High School, graduated suma cum laude from West Point Military Academy, New York. Completed his SEAL training at the Naval Special Warfare Center at NAB Coronado, worked for 15 years in the field as a SEAL, then completed his officer training at China Lake, California.
Personality Wise, experienced, a born leader, a teacher, confident, patriotic, good-natured, humorous, creative, fatherly, can be calculating and ruthless when necessary, a fervent student of military history
Natural Appearance 6'4", silver-haired, blue eyes, bespectacled, physique of a 30 year old          
Supa Appearance: Transforms into a cruiser, destroyer, aircraft carrier, and submarine with attack and ballistic missile capabilities.
Supa Powers: Expert in planning and executing naval warfare; hard power blue-water capabilities; specialist in naval combat, weapons, tactics, and technical organization with precision strike capability; rapid sea response to international incidents; expert in sea-based special operations, strike missions and battlegroup operations in regional conflicts; sea control in hostile waters; specialist in anti-submarine warfare, and anti-surface warfare. Transforms into: a hybrid attack/Ballistic submarine, an Aegis- equipped destroyer, and Aegis-equipped aircraft carrier.
Supa Equipment: Can launch the Trident nuclear missile in submarine mode to destroy entire nations; can launch cruise missiles, Harpoon missiles, naval mines, heat seeking Sidewinder and radar guided AMRAAM missiles for anti-aircraft and anti-ship strikes; launches Tomohawk missiles for long-range land and sea strike capability; VLA rockets and LAMPS Mk III Sea Hawk Helicopters to deal with underwater threats.
Supa Goals: To serve the Joint Superchiefs as ordered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff; To preserve the national security of the United States in conjunction with other Joint Superchief members, Marino, Armo and Airfo; To fight the global war on terror; To lead the Joint Superchiefs in all sea-borne combat operations; To prevent depredations against U.S. shipping and civilian vessels; To deter maritime aggression and maintain freedom of the seas; To support Airfo in maritime warfare by transforming to aircraft carrier mode; To ensure sea control, power projection and nuclear deterrence at sea; To provide “sealift” duties in large-scale joint operations with Marino, Armo and Airfo; To exercise independent judgment to execute missions which operationalize the Commander-in-Chief’s intent in the event that orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff are unavailable; Circumnavigation of the world's waters to protect US interests and citizens; To protect American lives and interests overseas; and To evacuate Americans from hostile and unstable countries.

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