Supa Name: Firedancer
Supa Group: Super Dogs
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 15
Real Name: Jason Bevil
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Dal, Dally, Gothic Guy, Spot, Bounce, Firehouse Dog, Firebreather
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Zagreb, Croatia
Pre-Accident Personality: Anti-social, quiet, introverted, dim-witted, passive, solitary, slovenly, lazy, unfit, low maintenance, recalcitrant
Post-Accident Personality: Active, intelligent, playful, outgoing, friendly, loyal, high maintenance, easily trained, seldom aggressive but can be deadly if his loved ones are threatened, anxious without exercise, aloof with strangers and unknown dogs
Natural Appearance 5’5”, black-haired, Caucasian boy
Supa Appearance: Dalmatian
Supa Powers: Tireless long distance runner; almost unlimited endurance and stamina; highly athletic; advanced rescue skills, especially from fires; powerful guardian and protector; vicious attack skills; can detect smoke and fire one thousand miles away; can breath one power-blast of flames from his mouth but this completely exhausts him and depletes his energy.
Supa Goals: To save the world from cruelty to animals, environmental conservation, and to ensure every house has a dog

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