Supa Name: Digger
Supa Group: Super Dogs
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 8
Real Name: Tomas Jenkins
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: Weenie Dog, “T.J.”, Teckel, Worshond, Sausage, Hot Dog, Sosis, Tekkel Doxie, Perro Salchicha, Wiener Dog, Bassoto, Badger Dog, Doodle Dog, Dackel, The Burrower, Mole
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Trenton, New Jersey
Pre-Accident Personality: Stupid, lazy, anti-social, compliant, obsequious, patient, tolerant of stress and frustration
Post-Accident Personality: Clever, whiny, persevering, courageous, devoted and loyal to friends, lively, highly-refined and aggressive chase instinct, playful, aloof to strangers, stubborn, independent-minded, rebellious, impatient
Natural Appearance 4’3”, Caucasian, brown eyes, brown hair
Supa Appearance: Dashund
Supa Powers: Super digging power which allows him to tunnel underground up to 100 metres at the rate of five metres per second. To trigger the power, he somersaults into the air and twists his muscular, elongated body rapidly, causing a tornado-like suction of air which spins him 1000 miles per hour. The Earth’s core and other materials cannot stand such velocity and gives way. Can also dig through other solid objects such as wood, steel and brick. His large, paddle-shaped paws are also designed for rapid digging and can remove earth faster than the eye can see. His coat is ultra-resistant, enabling protection from all sorts of underground and foreign threats. He can burrow for one week straight without the need to resurface. His nose is super sensitive, second in ability only to Sleepy, enabling him to detect, process and classify odours more than five miles away. An eardrum-piercing bark which can ward off enemies.
Supa Goals: To save the world from cruelty to animals, environmental conservation, and to ensure every house has a dog

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