Supa Name: Go Go
Supa Group: Super Dogs
Universe: Supa Universe
Age: 11
Real Name: Charles Edward Milroy III
Identity: Publicly unknown
Aliases: The Neurotic King, Golden Boy, Fins, Waterboy, Golden Gills, Dogfish,
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of Birth: Palo Alto, California
Pre-Accident Personality: Domineering, independent, vulgar, bad-natured, spiteful, aloof, smart, a leader, anti-social, rude.
Post-Accident Personality: Good-natured, active, exceedingly polite, charming, regal, gentle, a follower, loyal, fun-loving, confident, alert, but can also be destructive, insecure, highly-strung, tense, neurotic, and inattentive if his desires are not met. Needs a leader to tell him what to do.
Natural Appearance 5”2’, light brown hair, tanned skin, green eyes
Supa Appearance: Golden Retriever
Supa Powers: Superb swimmer, who can swim underwater like a fish for five minutes without resurfacing for air; water- resistant coat which not only withstands water but also, when required, retains it to spray out at a foe in times of trouble; superior navigational skills which can lead a human through hostile and difficult terrain with ease; amazing retrieval skills especially retrieving targets undamaged, be it friend or foe; can detect drugs and other foreign substances from 100 miles
Supa Goals: To save the world from cruelty to animals, environmental conservation, and to ensure every house has a dog

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